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Adventurous young Sophia lives in Adagio Park, where everyone is afraid of the dark! When Sophia ventures out into the spooky woods, she befriends Sam, a little lost ghost boy. She discovers all manner of jazzy monsters, and through the power of music teaches her townspeople that the nighttime is nothing to fear.


"Sophia and Her Ghost Friend" will inspire children to play a musical instrument and encourage dedication, practicing, hard work, and earning an adventure. It is a rhyming musical children's picture book complete in 1300 words.  Building enthusiasm for young musicians and young readers, the story will feature an interactive soundtrack designed to expand children's music through various styles.


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Budding musician Rebecca Woogie loves to play piano so much that she travels to the big city to play in a big competition. She hears all kinds of music she had never heard before!  The music inspires her to practice and practice until she's jamming on the keys for huge crowds of people.  With accompanying music and narration on the bonus CD!


"When Rebecca Woogie Came to Town" has reached well over 100,000 kids across the United States in schools, libraries, and concert halls. The book received a 2010 Independent Publishers Book Award for Children's Interactive Book, and has been read in concert with the Classics Philharmonic, Georgia Symphony, and Etowah Youth Orchestra.


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