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Our Approach

Gentry Smith is an artist and writer-director living in Los Angeles.  Born in Texas, Gentry has long been fascinated with storytelling through still images, moving pictures and the written word.  As an artist he draws inspiration from transcendental meditation, graphic novels, and surreal artwork and film.  As a healer he studies and reads the Tarot and teaches Kundalini Yoga.

Gentry has created album artwork and several posters, as well as illustrated the children’s book When Rebecca Woogie Came to Town.  He and his writing partner, Stan Wedeking, published the horror graphic novel “Lost in the Woods,” and are currently developing projects for Trend Media, Paper Street Comics and Further Films.

Our Story

Artist's Statement

I create art because nothing is as satisfying OR as maddening as getting lost in imaginative creation.   I love working digitally because it allows for a seamless merger of photography, painting and drawing.

 The beauty of the Tarot is that, between the reader, the seeker and the cards there exists a sacred space of communication.  The imagery of the seventy-eight cards in the deck represents every aspect of the human condition, and a good reader’s task is to step aside and allow the Universe to communicate whatever the seeker needs to receive.  Many interpretations of the Tarot back away from the Shadow aspects of the images, and it is my goal to equally embrace both the light and dark.

 My images draw inspiration from traditional decks like the Rider-Waite and Robin Wood Tarots, as well as drawing from mythology, world religion and pop culture.  Creating and meditating on each card charges me to find my own personal connection to the symbols and ultimately become a better reader.  I hope my completed deck will inspire people and serve as a powerful healing tool for readers and seekers alike.


Reach out for a reading...

Gentry lives in Los Angeles, but the internet is everywhere. Please contact if you are interested in a reading over FaceTime or Skype.